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Membership requirements

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Australia Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, China, Cro

You can submit the online registration form, if you want to become a volunteer scientific member in the online team of the CPRGGreece. Our members have no typical obligations. Our members do not pay, because CPRGGreece is an online, without profits & independent scientific team of young scientists.


Every scientist, if approved as a member of the CPRGGreece, receives a membership certificate and access to CPRGGreece's site & LinkedIn Group. 

Upon submission of your application, your information will be evaluated by the CPRGGreece's BoD and you will be informed, if you have become a member. 


Your interests, your studies and your research profile should match the requirements of the CPRGGreece. However, other people, who want to be informed about cancer prevention, are often accepted as "supporters". 

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