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Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece OUR TEAM

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Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece MEMBERS 

last revised: December 3, 2022

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002A. Charitomeni Tsaliki - GREECE (Rhodes), Philologist - Linguist, BSc - Exp. in Social Media Language Analysis - Politics in the era of the Internet, MSc(c)
003A. Leslie Kane - USA (Colorado), Dr. of Mental Health - Writer of RCTs in medicine - Grant Evaluator for demestic/family violence and sexual assault - MA, PhD-psychology and post-doct in clinical trial research
004A. Vicky Valla - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Regulatory Affairs & Writing - PhD, SciD - Doctoral degree - PhD in Medicinal Chemistry - MSc in Medical Translation - MA in French Literature - BSC in Chemistry
005A. Nikoletta Ventoura - GREECE (Athens), Philologist - Linguist, BSc - Exp. in Computational Linguistics - Research Associate
006A. Evelina Mentsiou - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc (Molecular Nutrition)
007A. Antonia Panagopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Mathematician, BSc - MSc (Biostatistics)
008A. Petros Motitis - CYPRUS (Larnaka) / UK (London), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc (Nutrition & Genetics)
009A. Alessia Thomopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc (International Public Health and Nutrition)
010A. Vasiliki Ioannidou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc
011A. Klaudia Shehaj - UK (Buxton, Derbyshire), Applied Psychology, BSc (Hons) - MSc (Psychological research methods with advanced statistics)
012A. Sofia Vaiopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Clinical Dietitian – Nutritionist, BSc / MSc / PhD (c)
013AMaria Kosmopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Classical Philologist, BSc - Tutor of 2nd Education
014ASavvas Papageorgiou - CYPRUS (Larnaka) / UK (Manchester), Biomedical Scientist, BSc - Oncology, Master of Research, PhD(c)
015A. Lydia Chrysoula - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc
016A. Niki – Alkistis Photiou - CYPRUS (Pafos) / UK (London), Clinican Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc
017A. Ifigenia Komodromou - CYPRUS (Pafos), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc (c)
018A. An Thu Ta - UK (Sheffield), Health Economist, BSc - Economics and International Relations, MSc - Microeconomics, PhD (c)

019AEva Karanikki - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc (Neoplastic Disease in Human)
020A. Dea Dimitra Skourti - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - Scientific Advisor, Project Manager
021AAlexandra Bampouli - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
022A. Dimitra Alexandri - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - NLP Coacher, Sp. Nutritional Deficiencies & Metabolomics
023A. Niki Alexandri - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc (Hypertension: Cardiac and Renal diseases)

024AEftychia Chatzimichali - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc - Human Resources Manager
025ADimitrios Pantzalis - GREECE (Athens), Economist & Finance Specialist, BSc
026AStamatia Karagianni - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
027A. Maria Tsironi - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
028AChristina Masklavanou - GREECE (Athens, Preveza), Psychologist, BSc - MSc (Addictology, Clinical Psychology)
029ADimitra Katsa - GREECE (Athens) / UK (London), Psychologist, BSc - Early Years Teacher
030A. Danai Pedoulaki - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
031AIlektra Loula Tseliou - GREECE (Athens) - Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
032AMaria Chalanta - GREECE (Athens, Rhodes), Psychologist, BSc - Olive Oil Specialist
033A. Ellie Vamvakousi - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc

034AAnastasia Dimopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Pre-School Teacher, BSc - MSc (c)
035A. Evelina Preventi - GREECE (Athens, Larissa), Psychologist, BSc - Author - Cluster C personality disorders, CertCEd. 
036AAndrea Brusa - GREECE (Crete), Psychologist, BSc - Certified Story Player
037A. Eleni Kardala - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BPharm (NKUA) - MSc (Mol. Biomedicine, NKUA)
038AMary Tampaki - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
039AYasmena Abd El-Rahman - EGYPT (Port Said), Medical Student (University of Port Said - MD) - Cancer Biology Research
040AVasiliki Talaverou - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc
041A. Maria Panayiotou - CYPRUS (Limassol), Biological Sciences, BSc (stud.), University of Cyprus
042A. Anna Belevegka - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc - MSc (Health Psychology)
043A. Maria - Anna Kerchoula - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc

044A. Bharathi Kodali - INDIA, Global regulatory manager - MSc, BSc Pharmacy
045A. Hemn Abdalla Omer - IRAQ (Sulaimani), BSc, MSc - Cancer immunology, PhD
046APetros Nasimpian - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
047AMaria Tsampoulatidi - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc - MSc (c)
048AAnastasia Tzili - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc
049A. Antonia Mourou - CYPRUS (Nicosia), BEd Pre-primary teaching - MA Drama & Creative Writing in Education - Research ass.
050AEleni Mitoli - GREECE (Kilkis), Psychologist, BSc 
051AGeorgia Kyprianou - CYPRUS (Pafos), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc
052A. Dimitra Kampyli - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
053A. Ifigeneia Koliou - GREECE (Athens)
, Psychologist, BSc
054AMaria Lepinioti - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc 
055AAnastasia Mangina - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
056AEleni Mantzouni - GREECE (Athens, Naxos), Psychologist, BSc
057AMaria Patrinou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - MSc 
058A. Eleni Gerothanasi - GREECE (Athens), Social Worker, BSc - Special Education sp. 
059ANooshin Mansouri - IRAN (Tehran), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc
060ANicoleta Dima - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
061AEffrosyni Paliaikou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc
062ALambrini Vassaki - GREECE (Kozani), Psychologist, BSc
063A. Alexandra Jakovou - GREECE (Athens
), Psychologist, BSc
064A. Olga Tsagkalidou - GREECE (Ptolemaida), Psychologist, BSc
065A. Nikoleta Papavidi - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc 
066A. Konstantinos Eleftheriadis - UK (London), Dietitian - Nutritionist, BSc - HCPC Registered Specialist Stroke and Medical Dietitian
067A. Nikoletta Koykaki - GREECE (Crete), Psychologist, BSc 
068A. Despoina Kampyli - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
069A. Georgia Ntroumpogianni - GREECE (Athens, Rhodes), Biologist, BSc - MSc (Rehabilitate Medicine, NKUA)
070A. Anastasia Marava - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
071A. Eirini Papachatzi - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
072A. Jyoti Arora - INDIA (Gurugram), Food & Nutrition Scientist, BSc & MSc - PhD (pursuing)
073A. Ioannis Stouras - GREECE (Athens, Alexandroupoli), Medical Student (NKUA - MD) - Research Assistant (NKUA) - 3rd winner of National Biology Competition, Panhellenic Union of Bioscientists, 2019 - Bronze medal in 30th International Biology Olympiad, 2019 (Szeged, Hungary) - 3rd Award of Student excellence (2020 and 2021), Institute of Molecular Medicine and Biomedical Research
074A. Ioannis Karavolias - GREECE (Athens, Rhodes), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
075A. Ilias Papageorgiou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
076A. Eleni Bouziani - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
077A. Dioni - Pinelopi Petsiou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
078A. Katerina Danga - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
079A. Dimitra Panagiotou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
080A. Iliana - Dimitra Psomadaki - GREECE (Athens), Public & Community Health specialist, BSc (UniWA)
081A. Panagiotis Kanatas - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
082A. Konstantinos Karamalis - GREECE (Athens), Public & Community Health specialist, BSc (UniWA)
083A. Marianna-Foteini Dafni - GREECE (Athens), Public & Community Health specialist, BSc (UniWA)
084A. Vasiliki Christidou - GREECE (Athens), Public & Community Health specialist, BSc (UniWA)
085A. Natalia Lampraki - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor, MD
086A. Anna Fokianou - GREECE (Athens), Public & Community Health specialist, BSc (UniWA)
087A. Marina Rathosi - GREECE (Patras), Molecular Biologist - Geneticist, BSc - Translational Research in Biomedicine, Molecular Diagnostics, Biomarkers and Targeted Therapies, MSc
088A. Dimitrios Moustakas - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse, BSc - Crisis Management & Disaster Medicine, MSc - Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
089A. Konstantina Tsekoura - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
090A. Nicholas Biagkis - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse, BSc - Medical Student (MD)
091A. Stavroula Spathi - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
092A. Styliani Spanou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (AUTH - MD)
093A. Konstantina Voukelatou - GREECE (Athens), Physiotherapist, BSc - Pilates Instructor
094A. Dimitra - Maria Kyriazi - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
095A. Socrates - Ilias Tsitsopoulos - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
096A. Emmanouela Poci - GREECE (Athens), Nursing Student (UoP)
097A. Eirini Panagiotidou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc (University of Sheffield) - Counselling Psychology, MSc
098A. Styliani Korovesi - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
099A. Petros Papalexis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor, MD - Endocrinology Resident - B.Sc in Medical laboratory Technology, M.Sc in Molecular Medicine, M.Sc in Environment and Health, Ph.D candidate in the Scientific field of breast cancer - President & Chairman of Board of PanHellenic Associoation of Medical Laboratory Technologists (2021-now)
0101A. Christos Tsagkaris - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor (MD) - Research Fellow in Orthopedics - Ambassador of Greece in the Association of European Cancer Leagues - Board of Trustees Member in the Institute of Cancer and Crisis - Co-founder and core-facilitator of #Students_Against_COVID - Coordinator of the Public Health Working Group of the European Student Think Tank (until 2021) - Vice President of the Organizing Committee of the Bukovinian International Medical Conference
0102A. John D. Spiliotis - GREECE (Athens, Patra, Thessaloniki), Surgeon & Surgical Oncologist MD, PhD - 
Director & Chairman
of Department of Surgical Oncology and HIPEC, Athens Medical Centre, Athens, Greece & of Department of Surgical Oncology and HIPEC, European Interbalkan Medical Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece - Visiting Scientist Washington Cancer Institute USA - Visiting Prof. at Gustave Rossy PARIS, HEIDELBERG, ROME
0103A. Anna Katsocheiraki - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse, BSc - Surgery Nurse
0104A. Christina Karaoulani - GREECE (Florina, Thessaloniki), Medical Doctor, MD - Resident Doctor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at General Hospital of Florina - BSc(student), Primary Education Teacher
0105A. Sophia Kollia - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0106A. Konstantina Dimakakou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0107A. Xenia Androni - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0108A. Suzon Kumar Mazumder - BANGLADESH (Dhaka), Medical Doctor - Physician (MD), FCPS (GENERAL SURGERY), MSc (SURGICAL ONCOLOGY) - Surgical Oncologist, Therapeutic Endoscopist
0109A. Eleni Pavlidou - GREECE (Athens, Thessaloniki), Medical Student (AUTH - MD)
0110A. Maria - Eleni Marda - GREECE (Thessaloniki), International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Student (Anatolia College)
0111A. Katerina Mitsialou - GREECE (Athens, Thessaloniki), Medical Student (AUTH - MD)
0112A. Maria - Eleni Koilakou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0113A. Konstantina Kappou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (UoP - MD)
0114A. Georgios-Marios Bolmpasis - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (NKUA)
0115A. Konstantinos Kosmas - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0116A. Athanasios Gatsis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (AUTH - MD)
0117A. Dimitrios Eleftheriadis - GREECE (Chalkis, Alexandroupolis), Medical Student (DUTH - MD)
0118A. Asterios Karmas - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0119A. Donald Mokreri - UK (London), Biomedical Scientist, Medical Laboratory Technologist - BSc in Medical Laboratory Technologies, MSc in Biomedical Methods and Technologies in Diagnosis
0120A. Maria Vasileiou - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (NKUA)
0121A. Sarmpel Sech Mousa - GREECE (Athens), Biomedical Scientist, BSc - MSc
0122A. Maria - Eleni Theodorakopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc
0123A. Nikolaos Torosiadis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Biomedical Scientist, BSc - MSc in Human Genetics
0124A. Tzouliana Ntousnikou - UK (Leeds), Biomedical Scientist, BSc
0125A. Melina Haxhiraj - UK (Sutton), Laboratory Technologist, BSc - MSc
0126A. Kifayat Hussain - PAKISTAN (Peshawar), BS Student in Medical Lab Technology (BS-MLT), interest in Pathology
0127A. Ioannis Kelesis - POLAND (Poznan), Biomedical Scientist, BSc, IBMS accredited, Specialised in Histopathology - Medical Student
0128A. Theodora Papadopoulou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student (AUTH)
0129A. Kalypso Petrou - GREECE (Amfissa), Secondary School Student
(as volunteering member)
0130A. Vasiliki (Vasso) Tsioli - GREECE (Thiva), Nursing Student (UoI)
0131A. Sophia Krikela - GREECE (Fokida), Secondary School Student
(as volunteering member)
Sylvia Raftopoulou - GREECE (Athens), BSc in Biochemistry (University of Bath, UK), MSc in Molecular Biomedicine (Medical School of Athens, NKUA)
0133A. Salman khan - PAKISTAN (Swabi), Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (University of Lahore)
Aikaterini Skouteri - GREECE (Amaliada), Nursing Student (UoI)
0135A. Eleni Katakalou 
- Greece (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc - MSc (AUTH), Clinical Researcher
Wajid Sultan - PAKISTAN (Saidu Sharif), Lab Scientist & Lab Technologist, BSc - MSc
0137A. Konstantinos Evgenikos - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse RN, BSc
0138A. Zeeshan Ahmad - PAKISTAN (Peshawar), BS Student in Medical Lab Technology (BS-MLT)
0139A. Stephanos Lymperis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0140A. Elisavet Pylarinou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student (AUTH)
0141A. Elmina - Marina Saitani - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BSc (NKUA)
0142A. Kyriakos Ioannou - CYPRUS (Nicosia), Pharmacist, BSc - Laboratory Assistant and Research Assistant (University of Nicosia)
0143A. Maria Pentara - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BSc (NKUA)
0144A. Debistuti Saha - INDIA (Manipur), Medical Student (MD) - State Head of Asian Medical Students Association & Ambassador of Lexicon Magazine
0145A. Maria - Eleni Oikonomou - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BSc (NKUA)
0146A. Vasiliki-Taxiarchoula Agiassoti - GREECE (Athens), Biomedical Scientist - Medical Laboratoty Technologist, BSc
0147A. Eirini Tzouveleka - GREECE (Athens), Law student, BSc/LLB(c) (DUTH)
0148A. Danae - Anastasia Vlassi - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student, BSc (NKUA)
0149A. Maria - Magdalini Fassea - GREECE (Athens), Biologist, BSc - Trainee in Experimental Psychology - Neuroscience Researcher
0150A. Paraskevas Kantaras - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Registered Associate Nutritionist, BSc, MSc 
0151A. Electra - Polytimi Kalogerakou - GREECE (Athens), Dietitian - Registered Associate Nutritionist, BSc, MSc
0152A. Andromachi - Foteini Toli - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student, BSc (NKUA)
0153A. Despoina - Georgia Papoutsi - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student, BSc (NKUA) 
0154A. Vasiliki Perka - GERMANY (Bremen), Psychology Student, BSc (c) - Social field worker
0155A. Georgios Tserpes - UK (Oxford), Biochemistry, B.Sc.(Hons) (University of Essex) - Immunology, M.Sc. (University of Birmingham) - Biotechnology, M.Sc. (University of Essex) - Cancer Immunology, PhD (University of Essex) - Clinical Research Assistant, Healthcare Assistant
0156A. Sofia Kanellopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student, BSc (NKUA)
0157A. Ariadni Lampropoulou - GREECE (Alexandroupoli), Medical Student (DUTH - MD)
0158A. Ioanna Kouvari - GREECE (Piraeus), Biologist, BSc (University of Crete) - Clinical Biochemistry-Molecular Diagostics, MSc (NKUA)
0159A. Christina Chanopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Public & Community Health specialist, BSc (UniWA)
0160A. Konstantinos Soureas - GREECE (Athens), Biologist, BSc - Clinical Biochemistry-Molecular diagnostics, MSc (NKUA)
0161A. Andriani Mpakolia - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BSc - Industrial Pharmacy, MSc(c)
0162A. Georgia - Myrto Prifti - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BSc - MSc(c)

0163A. Athanasia Mpakolia - GREECE (Athens), Dentistry Student, BSc (NKUA) 
0164A. Isavella - Despoina Paliatsou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (AUTH - MD)
0165A. Stergios Karamesinis - Spinthakis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0166A. Theodora Tatsiou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacist, BSc (AUTH)
0167A. Anthi Bagiartaki - GREECE (Crete) / BULGARIA (Sofia), Medical Student, MD (MUS - Medical University of Sofia)
0168A. Fotios Chalkidis - GREECE (Athens), Early Childhood Education, BSc (student) (NKUA) - Young Elected Politician of Greece, 2019-2023, City Councillor: Tavros, Athens - Ambassador of Sos4loveproject
0169A. Georgios - Ioannis Verras - GREECE (Patras), Medical Doctor (MD), interest/pre-speciality in Surgery - Epidemiology, MSc(c) (University of Edinburgh)
0170A. Chrysavgi (Charis) - Angeliki Kousounia - UK (Kingston upon Hull),  Biomedical Scientist, BSc(Hons) - MSc - Laboratory analyst
0171A. Themistoklis Aivaliotis - GREECE (Athens),  Chemist, BSc - sp. thesis "Potential c-Myc inhibitors using Molecular Dynamics Simulations" (NKUA)
0172A. Kyriaki Papadopoulou - GREECE (Athens),  Nutritionist - Dietitian, BSc - MSc

0173A. Fotios Samatas - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (AUTH - MD)
0174A. Danae Psaradelli - USA (North Carolina), Biology, BSc(c) (Davidson College, USA) - German Studies, BA - Data Analyst - Lab Assistant
0175A. Aikaterini Skandalaki - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BSc (NKUA) - Neoplastic Disease in Humans: Diagnosis and Targeted Treatment, MSc (NKUA) - Clinical Research Associate
0176A. Panagiota Nti Kostantzo - GREECE (Athens), Biologist, BSc (UoP) - Neurosciences, MSc(c), interest in CNS conditions
0177A. Aikaterini Kyrkopoulou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student, BSc (AUTH)
0178A. Elias Pilianidis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (AUTH - MD)
0179A. Ismini Tsakiri - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0180A. Celia Mourdoukouta - GREECE (Athens), Psychology Student (University of Crete)
0181A. Maria Ampoulatze - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse, RN BSc (Hellenic Mediterranean University of Crete)
0182A. Sepideh Choopani - IRAN (Tehran), Medical Laboratory Science, BSc
0183A. Eleni Angelopoulou - GREECE (Patras), Biomedical Scientist, BSc (Hons) (University of Bedfordshire) - Medical Genetics and Genomics, MSc (University of Glasgow) - Cytogenetics trainee
0184A. Mina Barazandehrokh - IRAN (Tehran), Molecular and Cellular Biologist, MSc
0185A. Alekia Uscoicar - INDIA (Vasco da Gama, Goa), Food Science - Nutrition & Dietitics student, BSc
0186A. Evgenia Mela - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0187A. Georgios Vasiloglou - GREECE (Rhodes), Psychologist, BSc (University of Crete), Social - Health and Organizational Psychology, MSc (Utrecht University)
0188A. Aikaterini Kirimkiroglou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Chemist, BSc (AUTH) - Industrial Pharmaceutical, MSc(c) (AUTH)
0189A. Maria Verrou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Chemist, BSc (AUTH) - Industrial Pharmaceutical, MSc(c) (AUTH)
0190A. Crystallia Tsitsipa - GREECE (Athens), Biologist, BSc (University of Patras) Gene Therapy, Drugs, Stem cells - Novel Therapies, MSc (Imperial College of London) - Research Site Monitor specialist
0191A. Efterpi Manasi - GREECE (Patras), Pharmacist, BSc (Univeristy of Patras)
0192A. Vasiliki Kouveloglou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacist, BSc (Aristotle Univeristy of Thessaloniki)
0193A. Nikolaos Seretis - GREECE (Athens), Biology Student (NKUA)
0194A. Georgios Katsalas - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0195A. Alexia Bani - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse, RN BSc (University of West Attica), Crisis Medicine & International Medicine, MSc (NKUA, School of Medicine)
0196A. Erion Mema - GREECE (Crete), Nursing Student, BSc (Hellenic Mediterranean University of Crete)
0197A. Mrinmoy Kundu - INDIA (Bhubaneswar), Medical Student, MBBS (Institute of Medical Sciences & SUM Hospital (IMS and SH))
0198A. Hitesh Suthar - INDIA (Mumbai), MD (The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA) - Ab Psychology - MBA
0199A. Rebecca Caruana - MALTA (Birkirkara), Registered Nurse RN, BSc - Medical Student (University of Malta)
0200A. Nino Gvalia - GEORGIA (Zugdidi), Biochemistry Student, BSc (San Diego State University)
0201A. Arpit Mago - INDIA (New Delhi), Medical Student, MBBS (Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Belgaum)
0202A. Eslam Mohammad Etayeb - LIBYA (Tripoli), Medical Student, MBBS (University of Tripoli)
0203A. Saifullah Bello - NIGERIA (Kano), Medical Physiology, BSc - Medical Student, MBBS
0204A. Harendra Kumar - PAKISTAN (Karachi), Medical Student, MBBS (Dow International Medical College)
0205A. Ayesha Iqbal - PAKISTAN (Lahore), Medical Doctor, MBBS (Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS))
0206A. Mohamed Yousif - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Student, MBBS (University of Khartoum)
0207A. Moath Ahmed Ghaleb Saif Almekhlafi - YEMEN (Sanaa), Medical Student, MBBS (Thamar University Faculty of Medicine)
0208A. Hassan Abdallah Hamed Gadkarim - SUDAN (Khartoum), Pharmacy Student (University of Khartoum)
0209A. Antoinette Niyokwizera - BURUNDI (Bujumbura), Medical Doctor (Université du Burundi)
0210A. Elinor Gazala - CYPRUS (Nicosia), Medical Student (European University of Cyprus)
0211A. Lela Mtchedlishvili - GEORGIA (Tbilisi), Medical Student (Tbilisi State Medical University)
0212A. Evans Onyango - KENYA (Mombasa), Clinical Nutritionist (University of Nairobi) - Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, BSc
0213A. Robert Achkar - POLAND (Poznan), Medical Student (Poznan University of Medical Sciences)
0214A. Cadri Nivin - ROMANIA (Iași), Medical Student (Universitatea de Medicină și Farmacie "Grigore T. Popa")
0215A. Andres Estrella - ECUADOR (Quito), Medical Student (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador)
0216A. Maria Zaimi - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0217A. Emmanuel Praise Tornubari - UKRAINE (Kyiv), Medical Student (National Medical University of Ukraine)
0218A. Debashish Saikia - INDIA (Assam), Medical Student, MBBS (Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS))
0219A. Smaragda Gkolia - UK (London), Medical Student (Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry)
0220A. Ricardo José Uzcategui Arregui - ECUADOR (Quito), General Surgeon MD, (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador)
0221A. Jack Wellington - UK (Cardiff), Medical Student (MBBCh, Cardiff University),  Medical Microbiology (LSHTM), MSc
0222A. Inês Margarida Pinto Vieira - PORTUGAL (Lisbon), Medical Student (Universitatea Ovidius din Constanta, Romania)
0223A. Wireko Andrew Awuah - UKRAINE (Sumy), Medical Student (Sumy State University)
0224A. Musawenkosi Phiri - UKRAINE (Uzhhorod), Medical Student (Uzhhorod National University) 
0225A. Radha Sai d/o Ravivarma - Malaysia (Selangor), Medical Student, MBBS (Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia)
0226A. Ashkar ali Kunhikkandy - UKRAINE (Zaporizhyia), Medical Student, MBBS (Zaporizhyia State Medical University)
0227A. Usra Abdallah - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Student (Ibn Sina University)
0228A. Christiana Ergatidou - CYPRUS (Limassol), Medical Student, MD (University of Cyprus) - Cyprus National Lead for the CASCADE project under EuroSurg, Cyprus National Lead for the ECOMSIR COVID study, IFMSA SCORP Delegate of CyMSA
0229A. Afnan Jobran - PALESTINE (Hebron), Medical Doctor (Alquds University)
0230A. Jessica Davies - SOUTH AFRICA (Cape Town), Medical Student, MBChB (Stellenbosch University)
0231A. Rodrigue NDABASHINZE - BURUNDI (Bujumbura), Medical Doctor, MD - Public Health, MSc
0232A. Tejaswini Ashok - INDIA (Kerala), Medical Doctor, MD (JSS Medical College, Mysore)
0233A. Reuben Lefa Masia - SOUTH AFRICA (Cape Town), Medical Student, MBChB (Stellenbosch University)
0234A. Gaurang Bhatt - INDIA (Dehradun), Medical Doctor, MBBS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences Rishikesh)
0235A. Felician Kazahura - UGANDA (Kampala), Medical Student, MBBS (Kampala International University)
0236A. Angelos Pallis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0237A. Ishimwe Florent - BURUNDI (Bujumbura), Medical Doctor, MD (Hope Africa University)
0238A. Eleni Zachariou - GREECE (Athens), Teacher, Researcher - Primary Education (University of Crete), BSc - Special Education and Psychology, M. Ed. (NKUA) / Social Neuroscience and Social Pedagogy, MSc(c) (NKUA)
0239A. Fabrice Muhezagiro - BURUNDI (Bujumbura), Medical Doctor (University of Burundi)
0240A. Shahrukh Shahriar - BANGLADESH (Dhaka), Medical Student (Ibrahim Medical College, Birdem)
0241A. Maryam Saeed - PAKISTAN (Karachi), Medical Student (Jinnah medical and dental college)
0242A. Tungki Pratama Umar - INDONESIA (Palembang), Medical Doctor, MD, General Practitioner (Sriwijaya University)
0243A. Muhammad Ibraheem Saeed - PAKISTAN, Student of veterinary medicine (University of Veterinary and Animal science)
0244A. Konstantinos Togkas - GREECE (Megalopolis), Social Worker-Psychologist, M.Sc. Primary Heath Care (University of Thessaly), M.Sc. Health Services Administration of the National Health System (EAP), Ph.D in Health Psychology (Panteion University)
0245A. Fatma Shaban Elsied Ibrahim - EGYPT (Cairo), Medical Doctor (Mansoura University)
0246A. Azhee Ibrahim Hussein - KURDISTAN Region of Iraq (Erbil), Medical Doctor, MD, MSc, PhD (Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences)
0247A. Aymar Akilimali - CONGO (Bukavu), Medical Doctor (Official University of Bukavu)
0248A. Rahul Premarajan - CZECH (Prague), Medical Student (Charles University)
0249A. Pooja Jaidev - UK, Medical Doctor (Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS))
0250A. Islam Kourampi - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0251A. Mitchell Dennis - UK (Norwich, England), Medical Student (University of East Anglia)
0252A. Dionysia Kravarioti - GREECE (Patras), Medical Student (Democritus University of Thrace)
0253A. Mohamed Baklola - EGYPT (El mahalla alkubra), Medical Student (Mansoura University)
0254A. Evangelia Petroudi - GREECE (Larisa), Registered Nurse, BA - Public Health, MSc - Children nursing, MSc
0255A. Soma Garani - INDIA (Kolkata), PhD(c) in Life Sciences (West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences)
0256A. Esther Bassey - NIGERIA (Uyo), Medical Student (University of Uyo)
0257A. Aleksandra Wyszyńska - POLAND (Bydgoszcz), Medical Student (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Collegium Medicum) 
0258A. Mohamed Eltahir Mansour - SUDAN (Khartoum), Diploma in medical instrumentation, Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical science (Sudan University of Science and Technology)
0259A. Fatima Shwgee Monaha Mohammed Alameen - SUDAN (Wad Madani), Medical Student (ElGezira College of Medical Sciences and Technology)
0260A. Sufia Imam - CHINA (Guangzhou), BSc ( BIOCHEMISTRY-2016 from India), MBBS (CLINICAL MEDICINE-2022 from China), Intern at the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
0261A. Maroun Ibrahim - LEBANON (Jbeil), Medical Student (Lebanese American University)
0262A. Avijit Sarker - BANGLADESH (Dhaka), Medical Student (University of Mugda)
0263A. Mailín Agüero Barrero - CUBA (Bayamo), Medical Student (University of Medical Sciences of Granma)
0264A. Nafisa Altahir Alzobier Altahir - SUDAN, Medical Doctor (Ibn Sina University)
0265A. Andreas Kouvaras - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA, MD) - B.Sc. in Maritime Studies (University of Piraeus) - LL.M. in Business Law (Maritime Law) (NKUA) - M.Sc.(c) in Information Systems (Linnaeus University), Ph.D(c) of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus
0266A. Manthia Papageorgakopoulou - GREECE (Nafpaktos), Medical Student (University of Patras - MD)
0267A. Jia-Hsuan Chin - POLAND (Lublin), Medical Student (Medical University of Lublin)
0268A. Eleftheria Karaviti - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0269A. Dimitra Karaviti - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0270A. Athanasios Kontogiannis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0271A. Myrto Argyrou - GREECE (Athens), Agriculture, BSc (Agricultural University of Athens)
0272A. Souhaila Fathallah - MOROCCO, Medical Doctor (L'Université Mohammed V de Rabat)
0273A. Hriturima Baidya - INDIA (Delhi), Medical Student (Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Medical College)
0274A. Lee Yi Xuan - MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur), Medical Student (The National University of Malaysia (UKM))
0275A. Ismail Aliyu Adnan - NIGERIA (Kano), Medical Doctor (Near East University Cyprus)
0276A. Gio Fidelito - AUSTRALIA (Melbourne), BSc (Honours) in Biomedicine (tumor biology stream) (Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences), PhD(c) in Biomedical Sciences (University of Melbourne)
0277A. Kellil RayenNour Djihane - ALGERIA (Algiers), Medical Student (University of Algiers)
0278A. Xenia Kominea - GREECE (Athens), Biology Student (NKUA)
0279A. Rana Shalaby - EGYPT (Alexandria), Medical Doctor, MBBCh of surgery and internal medicine (Alexandria University)
0280A. Muhammad Mudasir Khan - PAKISTAN, Medical Doctor, MBBS (Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore), interested in Surgical oncology

0281A. Hana Siraneh - ETHIOPIA (Addis Ababa), Medical Student 
0282A. Panagiota Kappi - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0283A. Tanvish Nitin Manwatkar - GEORGIA (Tbilisi), Medical Doctor (David Tvildiani Medical University)
0284A. Tousief Irshad Ahmed - INDIA (Jammu), Medical Doctor - Tutor/Demonstrator in BIOCHEMISTRY (MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (MMIMSR), Mullana (Ambala) Haryana)
0285A. Amit Anand - INDIA (Sitamarhi Bihar), Teacher, BSc, MEd. (Lalit Narayan Mithila University Darbhanga)
0286A. Poonam Banthia Daga - INDIA (Jaipur), Biotechnologist, BSc, MSc, PhD(c) (Suresh Gyan Vihar University)
0287A. Angeliki Chatziantoniou - CYPRUS (Nicosia), Biologist, BSc - Cancer Biology, MSc (European University Cyprus)
0288A. Hung Nguyen Ngoc - THAILAND (Bangkok), RDN, PhD in Nutrition (Mahidol University)
0289A. Ziaul Hasan - INDIA (New Delhi), Research Scholar, Biochem, BSc, MSc, PhD (Jamia Millia islamia University)
0290A. Sakina Nazari - AFGANISTAN (Kabul), Information and Communication Technology (Kabul University)
0291A. Brent Mariñas - PHILIPPINES (Cavite), Student (Tagaytay City Science National High School)
0292A. Aggrey Wafula Watulo - KENYA (Nakuru), Teacher, Bachelor of Education Arts (English and Literature), Masters of English and Linguistics (Kenyatta university), PhD candidate of Applied Linguistics (Laikipia university)
0293A. Hajar Aldare - LIBYA (Sabha), Medical Doctor 
0294A. Rodrigo Dominic Cerqueda Audirac - MEXICO CITY, Medical Doctor (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
0295A. Jana Zermeño- MEXICO CITY, Medical Doctor (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
0296A. Danish Riaz - PAKISTAN, Medical Doctor, MSc Biotechnology, PhD Zoology, Assistant Professor - University of Education lahore Pakistan
0297A. Tiyya Selimović - CROATIA (Zagreb), Medical Student (University of Rijeka)
0298A. Mhd Obai Alchallah - SYRIA (Damascus), Medical Doctor, BSc, MSc
0299A. Hilda Abiola Emmanuel-Akerele - NIGERIA, Educator, BSc in Microbiology (Osun State University), MSc in Environmental Microbiology (University of Benin)
0300A. Ayodeji Ojetunde - NIGERIA (Oyo), Bsc in Human Physiology (Ladoke Akintola University of Technology) / Msc in Human Physiology (Ahmadu Bello University) 
0301A. Ridwan Nuhu Ahmed - NIGERIA (Sokoto), BSc in Biology Education, UDUSok, 2013 / PGDip in Biotechnology, NDA Kaduna, 2018 / MSc in Zoology, KSUSTA Aliero, In - View
0302A. Jyoti Sarwan - INDIA (Punjab), Biotechnology, Immunology, BSc, MSc (Chandigarh University)
0303A. William Xochitun Gopar Franco - MEXICO (Guadalajara), Medical Student (University of Guadalajara)
0304A. Mennat Allah Abou-tabikh - EGYPT (Alexandria), Medical Student (University of Alexandria)
0305A. Sahil Dhawan - INDIA (Punjab), Medical Doctor (Kharkiv National Medical University)
0306A. Maria Koukoumelou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0307A. Fedra Iannelli - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0308A. Maya Abdelwahab - EGYPT (Cairo), Medical Student (Faculty of Medicine, Helwan University)
0309A. Nicky Valana - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (University of Patra - MD)
0310A. Suvam Banerjee - INDIA (West Bengal), Medical Student (Burdwan Medical College and Hospital,The West Bengal University of Health Sciences, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, India)
0311A. Ioannis Markopoulos - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0312A. Dimitrios Papamichelakis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (NKUA - MD)
0313A. Miri Këpuska - KOSOVO (Prishtina), Medical Student (University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina")
0314A. Dimitrios Papakyriakopoulos - GREECE (Athens), Enteptreneur - Investment Banking student (Athens University of Economics and Business) - BSc in Management Science and Technology (Software Engineering and Big Data Analysis)
0315A. Abdiaziz Tawana - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0316A. Joyce Wambui - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0317A. Rotich Brenda Cherono - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0318A. Sotirios-Charalampos Diamantoudis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student, MSc (AUTH)
A. Bwana Stephen Juma - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0320A. Nanyama Jecinta Mutiembu - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
A. Salah Adan - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0322A. John Kamau Ndichu -
KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0323A. Cynthia Baluwa Misorimaligayo -
KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
A. Kiptoo Vincent - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0325A. Preetesh Jakharia 
- KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0326A. Fatuma Ismail - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0327A. Branley Ope - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0328A. Nicole Njeri - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0329A. Zisis Chadoulos - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Electrical and Computer Engineer, BSc - MSc (AUTH) - MSc in Telecommunications and specialized in Biomedical Engineering
A. Mercy Jepkemei Too - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0331A. Iflah Ansari - PAKISTAN (Karachi), Medical Student (Dow University of Health Sciences)
0332A. Faith Wanja Mwangi - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
A. Dimitrios Samaras - GREECE (Larisa), BSc in Physics (Ioannina University) - MSc in Medical Physics (NKUA)
Evangelia Vachtsioli - GREECE (Larisa), Bsc in Biochemistry & Biotechnology (University of Thessaly) - MSc in Public Health (EUC)
0335A. Ruth Wacheke - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
A. Rosalinda Saoud - GREECE (Athens), BSc in  Biological Applications & Technology  (Ioannina University) 
A. Aikaterini Bakella - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
A. Kyriaki Degaita - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (NKUA)
A. Eirini Panteli - GREECE (Athens), BSc in  Biological Applications & Technology  (Ioannina University)
0340A. Ioanna Gkini - GREECE (Athens), BSc in Biomedical Sciences & Medical Laboratories (University of West Attica)
0341A. Sebastián Bejarano Mendoza - MEXICO (Mexico City), Medical Student (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
0342A. Imaan Almina Khan - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
Nikolaos Latsoudis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0344A. Konstantinos Plavos - Greece (Athens), BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, MSc in Medical Genetics (NKUA)
0345A. Apurva Nama - INDIA (Rajasthan), Medical Student (Guntur Medical College)
0346A. Muhammad Abdul Ahad Khawaja - PAKISTAN (Lahore), Medical Student 
0347A. Arbaab Khan - GEORGIA (Tbilisi), Medical Doctor (David Tvildiani Medical University)
0348A. Maria Trachana - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0349A. Jeeph Sergilles - HAITI (Petion ville), Medical Doctor, MD (Université Lumière)
0350A. Lilian Nakhumicha - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0351A. Suman Supratik - NEPAL (Kathmandu), Medical Student (BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences)
0352A. Peter Samuel Eid Soliman - EGYPT (Cairo), Medical Doctor (Ain Shams University)
0353A. Gladson Vaghela - INDIA (Gandhinagar), Medical Student (GMERS Medical College)
0354A. Mohammed Abdullah Saleh Ba Tarfi - LITHUANIA (Vilnius), Medical Student (Vilnius University)
0355A. Shahneela Abdul Sattar - PAKISTAN (Hyderabad), Medical Student (People's University of Medical & Health Sciences Nawabshah)
0356A. Marko Dorosh- NETHERLANDS (Groningen), Theology and Religious Studies, BSc, MSc (University of Groningen)
0357A. Elmehdi Echetouani - MOROCCO, Medical Student (University Hassan 2, Casablanca)
0358A. Arsha Mohammad - AUSTRALIA (Melboune), Medical Student (Lincoln American Iniversity)
0359A. Nehal Aly Abo El Kheir - EGYPT, Registered Nurse, BSc, MSc (Faculty of Nursing, Damnhour University)
0360A. Innocent Peter Uggh (MD) - TANZANIA (Mbeya), Medical Doctor (Hubert Kairuki Memorial University)
0361A. Nidhruv Ravikumar - UK (Belfast), Medical Student (Queen's University Belfast)
0362A. Warda Rasool - PAKISTAN (Lahore), Medical Student (King Edward Medical College)
0363A. Fatima Mohamed Awad - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Doctor (Al Mughtaribeen University)
0364A. Gangaraju Naga Srikari - INDIA (Hyderabad), Medical Student (Bukovinian State Medical University)
0365A. Eirini Kaklopoulou - SWEDEN (Stockholm), BSc, MSc in Interactive Media Technology (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
0366A. Orestis Petropoulos - GREECE (Ioannina), Medical Student (MD - University of Ioannina)
0367A. Weronika Roztkowska - POLAND (Gdansk), Medical Student (Medical University of Gdansk)
0368A. Mohamed Said Bendary Shih - EGYPT (Cairo), Medical Student (University of Padua / University of NewGiza)
0369A. Shaina Gulraiz - PAKISTAN (Faislabad), Medical Doctor (Allama Iqbal Medical College)
0370A.  Ayush Anand - NEPAL (Dharan), Medical Student (B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences)
0371A. Hafiza Qurat Ul Ain - PAKISTAN (Multan), Medical Doctor (CIMS)
0372A. Nura Faisal - SUDAN (Dongola), Medical Student 
0373A. Giada Marino - ITALY (Marsala), Dentist (University of Medicine and Pharmacy Grigore T. Popa, Iaşi)
0374A. Idalia Błażejczyk - POLAND (Biała Podlaska), Medical Student (Medical University of Silesia, Katowice)
0375A. Smaranda Ioana Codreanu - GERMANY (Ulm), Medical Student
0376A. Poliana Zanotto Manoel - BRAZIL (Curitiba), Medical Student (Faculdade Evangélica Mackenzie do Paraná)
0377A. Qurat ul ain Latif - PAKISTAN, Medical Doctor
0378A. Liza Elaine U. Cawas - PHILIPPINES (Baguio City), Medical Student (University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center College of Medicine)
0379A. Aastha Naik - INDIA (Vadodara), Medical Student (Parul University)
0380A. Amanpal Vaja - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi, School of Health Sciences)
0381A. Ali Osman Balkan - TURKEY (Istanbul), Medical Student (Bezmialem Üniversitesi)
0382A. Entisar Abdalla Zin elabdein Ahmed - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Doctor (Al Mughtarbeen)
0383A. Patel Harshil Girish - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi, School of Health Sciences)
0384A. Javeria Abid Karim- PAKISTAN (Karachi), Medical Student (Ziauddin University)
0385A. Rafael Pitsillos - GREECE 
(Patras), Medical Student (MD - University of Patras)
A. Alexandros Panagiotou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (MD - AUTH)
A. Maria Stergiou - GREECE (Kozani), Physiotherapist, BSc (IHU Thessaloniki) - Manual Therapist I.F.O.M.P.T - Master in Chiropractic Ackermann (Sweden) - MSc in Sports Science and Nutrition (Universidad Europea de Madrid)
0388A. Eleni Karachaliou 
- GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
A. Antonio Millán Ponce - SPAIN (Malaga), Teleoperator, BSc, MSc (University of Málaga)
0390A. Evangelos Michalopoulos - GREECE (Corfu), Clinical Psychology, MSc (University of Derby via Mediterannean college)
0391A. Ahmed Mansy - EGYPT (Alexandria), Medical Doctor, General Surgeon - (MBBCh, Alexandria University) - MSc inSurgery
0392A. Bogusia Zieba - POLAND (Warsaw), Caretaker [*auxiliary member - general public]
0393A. Ashmitha Ashok Kumar - AUSTRALIA (Gold Coast), Medical Student (Bond University)
0394A. Asimenia Palaiokrassa - GREECE (
Patras), Medical Student (MD - University of Patras)
Evangelia Koutli - GREECE (Athens), Public & Community Health, BSc Student (UNIWA)
Panagiota Fallon - GREECE (Larissa), Medical Student (MD - University of Thessaly)
Miltiadis Pliatsikas - GREECE (Larissa), Medical Student (MD - AUTH)
0398A. Dimitrios Dafnoudis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Biomedical Scientist, BSc (International University of Greece)
0399A. Styliani Triantafyllidou - ITALY (Naples), Medical Student (MD - University of Naples Federico II)
0400A. Asjad Mustafa - SUDAN (
Dongola), Medical Student 
0401A. Ruoa Mohammed Ali - SUDAN
(Khartoum), Medical Student 
0402A. Konstantinos Avgoullas - GREECE (Athens), Physics, BSc (University of Crete)  - Medical and Radiation Physics, MSc (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Cert. of Cont. Edu. in Healt Technologies: Development, Assessment, Management and Applications (NKUA)
0403A. Duha Abdalatey - SUDAN (Northern State), Medical Student 

0404A. Vasilios Ravikalis - GREECE (Kavala), BSc in Nursing (Educational Technological Institute of Epirus), MSc in Clinical Pharmacology - Therapeutics (Democritus University), MSc in Health Unit Management (Hellenic Open University)
0405A. Eleni Souprounova - RUSSIA (Moscow) & GREECE (Athens), Public & Community Health, BSc Student (UNIWA)
0406A. Swarali Chodnekar - GEORGIA (Tbilisi), Medical Student (Teaching University Geomedi)
0407A. Eslam Salih Musa Ali - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Student 
A. Zografia Pratanou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Clinical Neuropsychologist - BSc in Psychology (University of East London) - MA in Clinical Neuropsychology (University of Sheffield)
Georgia Markou - GREECE (Larissa), Registered Nurse, RN, BSc (University of Thessaly)
0410A. Pavlos Mastrogiannopoulos - GREECE (Athens), Informatics Student (Athens Univerity of Economics and Business)
0412A. Vasiliki Patsaki - SWEDEN (Stockholm), BSc in Biomedical Sciences (University of Greenwich), MSc in Molecular Techniques in Life Sciences (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) - Graduate Research Intern at Karolinska Institutet
0413A. Athanasia Blanou - GREECE (Athens), Philologist - Linguist, BSc - Human Resources Administrator - MSc International Business & Management (
ALBA Graduate Business School)
0414A. Athanasios Mavropoulos - BULGARIA (Pleven), Medical Student (Medical University of Pleven)

0415A. Antonios Paschalis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Psysicist - BSc in Applied Physics (NTUA) - MSc in Medical Physics - Radiation Physics (NKUA)
0416A. Reham Mahmoud Silem Abdallah - EGYPT (Aswan), Medical Doctor (Aswan university faculty of medicine)
0417A. Shirin Cadri - ROMANIA, Medical Student (University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa”)
0418A. Gasim Ahmed Gasim Sadig - SUDAN (Dongola), Medical Student 
0419A. Zuzanna Czudy - POLAND (Grudziądz), Medical Student (Collegium Medicum of Zielona Góra)
0420A. Badria Ahmed Hilal - SUDAN (Dongola), Medical Student 
0421A. Agnes Zanotto Manoel - BRAZIL (Curitiba), Medical Student (Faculdade Evangélica Mackenzie do Paraná)

0422A. Eleni Episkopou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor - Anesthesiologist, MD, MSc in Interventional Radiology (NKUA) - Cryoablation & Interventional Pain Management expert
0423A. Amna Satti - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Student (Almughtaribin University)

0424A. Doha Mohammed Ahmed Almakki - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Student (Almughtaribin University)
0425A. Magda Nogodalla Ahmed - SUDAN, Medical Doctor (Tashkent Uzbekistan, Russia)
0426A. lorenca Bejko - FRANCE (Paris), PhD in EU Law (Paris Descartes)
0427A. Supasiri Aroonsrimorakot - POLAND (Lublin), Medical Doctor (Medical University of Lublin)
0428A. Mohammed Hammad Jaber - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Student (Alzaaim Alazhari universtiy)
0429A. Ioannis Chatzilakos - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Biomedical Scientist, BSc (University of East London)
0430A. Muhammad Haris - NIGERIA (Bauchi), Physiotherapist, BSc (Bayero University, Kano)
0431A. Charlotte Van der Biest - BELGIUM (Lede), Medical Student (University of Ghent)
0432A. Sidharth Misra - INDIA (Mumbai), Medical Student (Armed Forces Medical College)
0433A. Anestis Makris - GREECE (Athens), Molecular Biologist - BSc in Biology Sciences (European University of Cyprus), MSc in Applications of Biology in Medicine (NKUA)
0434A. Waleed Mohammed Aljah Jebreel - SUDAN (Khartoum), Molecular Genetist - BSc in MLS (UofK) - MSC in Molecular Medicine (UofK)
0435A. Asmaa Elkhidir - SUDAN (Khartoum), BSc in Medical Lablotory Science (Alneelain University)
0436A. Gerasimia - Marina Chardalia - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (University of Patras)
0437A. Nancy Ntzamara - GREECE (Athens), BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology (University of Thessaly) - MSc in Molecular Medicine (University of Thessaly)
0438A. Ioannis-Panagiotis Tsetzan - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0439A. Samar Hasnain - PAKISTAN (Peshawar), Medical Student (Khyber Medical College)
0440A. Alexandros Giannoulakis - GREECE (Athens), Head Nurse, BSc in Nursing - MSc in ICU and expertised in Paediatric ICU (School of Medicine, NKUA)
0441A. Christos Catzigeorgiou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0442A. Kyriakos Tsaousis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0443A. Israa Abd Elfattah - SUDAN (Alkhartoum), Medical Student (Dongola University College of Medicine and Health Sciences)
0444A. Glykeria Samolada - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Genetic Counsellor EGC-51, BSc in Biology (AUTH) - MSc in Mol. Cytogenetics (University of Montpellier) - PGCert in Health Sciences (University of Plymouth)
0445A. Spyridon-Marios Delitheos  - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0446A. May Mohamed - SUDAN (Northen State), Medical Student (Dongola University College of Medicine and Health Sciences)
0447A. Suhaila Naz - GEORGIA (Tbilisi), Medical Student (Tbilisi State Medical University)
0448A. Marios-Panteleimon Sapountzakis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), BSc & Integrated MSc student in Agriculture (International Hellenic University) - PGd in Leadership (University of Macedonia) - Independent Researcher - Council Member of the Municipal Youth Council of Thessaloniki
0449A. Victory Bassey Effiom - NIGERIA (Calabar), Medical Student (University of Calabar)
0450A. Sharon Anthony - GEORGIA (Tbilisi), Medical Student (Tbilisi State Medical University)
0451A. Konstantinos Christodoulou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0452A. Alesia Tsalikou - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student, BSc-MSc (NKUA)
0453A. Katerina Karagianni - GREECE (Athens), Biologist, BSc (AUTH) - MSc in Biomedical Sciences (DUTH) - Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0454A. Angelos Ntousopoulos - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0455A. Imam Nasir Khamis - NIGERIA (Kano), Medical Doctor (Bayero University)
0456A. Anastasia Liaka - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BSc - MSc (AUTH)
0457A. Deekshitha Alla - INDIA (Visakhapatnam), Medical Student (Andhra Medical College)
0458A. Sofia Bogiatzi - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student (AUTH)
0459A. Sotirios Koubardas - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor, MD, intern in the Oncology - Radiologist, BSc in Biomedical Sciences in Radiology & Radiotherapy - MSc in Recuscitation
0460A. Alla Sai Santhosha Mrudula - INDIA (Visakhapatnam), Medical Student (Andhra Medical College)
0461A. Doha Khazzani - MOROCCO (Oujda), Medical Student (Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Oujda)
0462A. Jona Muco - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0463A. Dimitrios Christakos - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0464A. Rajiv Yussuf - KENYA (Marsabit), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)
0465A. Aimilios Potoupnis - GREECE (Athens), Electrical and Computer Engineer, MEng (AUTH) - MSc, Mathematical Modelling in modern Technologies - Data Science (NTUA)
0466A. Nimra Panhwar - PAKISTAN (Hyderabad), Biomedical Engineer, BSc (Lumhs Jamashoro, Sindh Pakistan)
0467A. Evangelia Raisaki - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student, BSc - MSc (AUTH)
0468A. Natalia Amasiadi - GREECE (Patras), BA in Philosophy (University of Patras) - MSc in Contemporary Medical Acts: legal regulations and bioethical dimensions (AUTH)
0469A. Dimitrios Christos Sarvanis - GREECE (Athens), Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineer (AUTH) - BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Msc in Telecomunications
0470A. Muhammad Waqar Ashraf Bhatti - PAKISTAN, Psychologist, B.A, M.Sc. (Psych), PHEOC, Dip SEXUALITY (AYRSH), Genetic Counselling (U.K), Threat Assessment (Colorado)
0471A.  A Kathir Karuppiah - INDIA (Chennai), Medical Student (Panimalar Medical College Hospital & Research Institute)
0472A. Stergiani (Stella) Telliou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Biology Student, BSc (AUTH)
0473A. Eleni Renti - GREECE (Athens) [*associate member - general public]
0474A. Sotirios Agrafas - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Communication and Media Studies Student, BSc (NKUA)
0475A. Mahdi Hemmasian-Ettefagh - IRAN, Breast Cancer Prevention & Prediction Researcher, PhD
0476A. Bella Stevanny - INDONESIA (Palembang), Medical Doctor, MBBS, Sriwijaya University - MD, Sriwijaya University
0477A. Luis Miguel Acuña-Chávez - PERU (Trujillo), Medical Student (Universidad Nacional de Trujillo)
A. Georgios Kosmidis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (MD - AUTH)
0479A. Nicholas Stam Chune - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student 

0480A. Orfeas Kazepis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Cybersecurity exp. - BSc in Computer Science (University of Piraeus) - MSc in Cybersecurity (Tallin University of Technology)
0481A. Konstantinos Rigas 
- GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student (AUTH) 
0482A. Harshal Chorya - INDIA (Vadodara), Medical Student, MBBS (Baroda Medical College)
0483A. Ola Emad Abdelrahim Mabrouk - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Student (Al-neelain University)
0484A. Ioannis Kryos - GREECE (Athens), Psychology Student (University of Ioannina)
0485A. Nasia Karagiannidi - GREECE (Athens), Nutrition & Dietitics Student (Harokopio University)
0486A. Theofilos Panagiotou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Electrical and Computer Engineering, MEng (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
0487A. Thaleia Kostaki - GREECE (Patras), Pharmacy Student (University of Patras)
0488A. Maria Apostolopoulou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychology Student (AUTH)
0489A. Christima Simou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Political Scientist, BSc - Criminal Law and Drug Addiction, MSc (AUTH)
0490A. Filippos Athanasioulis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0491A. Christina Kosti - GREECE (Athens), BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science - MSc(c) in Sport Training (NKUA)
0492A. Janourine Ossmani - IRELAND (Dublin), Medical Student (University College Dublin, UCD)
0493A. Evangelos Kolotouros - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0494A. Mohamed Ibrahem Baklola - EGYPT (El Mahalla), Medical Student (Mansoura University)
0495A. Mohamed Terra - EGYPT (El Mahalla), Medical Student (Mansoura University)
0496A. Athanasios Emmanouilidis - GREECE (Athens),  Chemist, BSc (NKUA)
0497A. Mohamed Ashraf Elzayat - EGYPT (El Mahalla), Medical Student (Mansoura University)
0498A. Julia Waszak - POLAND (Białystok), BSc in Genetic and Experimental Biology (University of Wrocław) - Medical Student (Medical University of Białystok)
0499A. Maria Liaromati - CYPRUS (Nicosia), Pharmacy Student (Frederick University)
0500A. Maria Kanaki - GREECE (Athens), Nutritionist - Dietitian, BSc (Hellenic Mediterranean University)
0501A. Maria - Foivi Nikolopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Nutrition - Dietitics Student, BSc (Harokopio University of Athens)
0502A. Sreepriya Vimalkumar - INDIA (Thiruvananthapuram), Medical Student (Government Medical College)
0503A. Achimugu Gabriel Ojimaojo - NIGERIA (Abuja), Medical Laboratory Scientist, BSc (University of Jos, Plateau State)
0504A. Magda Nogodalla Ahmed - GREECE (Athens), PhD, Clinical Doctorate in Community Medicine 
0505A. Dimitrios Sinikis - GREECE (Athens), BSC in Maths (University of Athens) - MSC in Applied Mathematics (University of Athens) - PhD in Maths (Hellenic Open University)
0506A. Vasileios Antoniadis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0507A. Konstantina Gremaj Engjellushe - GREECE (Larissa), Environmental Sciences, BSc student (University of Thessaly)
0508A. Lydia Giannakou - GREECE (Larissa), Medical Doctor (University of Thessaly)
0509A. Lydia Christoforidi - GREECE (Larissa), Clinical Exercise Physiologist - BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science (University of Thessaly)
0510A. Dimitra Tezapsidou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (MD - AUTH)
0511Α. Rebecca Grace Atieno - KENYA (Kisumu), Medical Doctor (Maseno University)
0512Α. Aikaterini Pasionikou 
- GREECE (Athens), Business Administration, BSc (University of Piraeus)
A. Freideriki Karanikola - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (MD - AUTH)
A. Nikolaos Devrikis - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (MD - AUTH)
0515A. Maria Karageorgiou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), BSc in Physics (University of Ioannina), MSc in Medical Physics - Radiation Physics (NKUA)
0516A. Maria - Rafailia Saggou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc in Psychology (University of Ioannina)
0517A. Dimitrios Papadopoulos - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (MD - AUTH)
A. Antzela Bereti - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc in Psychology (University of Ioannina)
0519A. Dimitrios Ragias - GREECE (Larissa), Medical Student (MD - UTH)
A. Athanasios Charisiadis - GREECE (Athens), Biomedical Scientist, BSc in Biomedical Sciences (Medical Laboratories) (University of West Attica)
A. Georgia Spanou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
0522A. Sofia Oikonomou - UK (London), Midwife, BSc in Midwifery/ Obstetrics (Alexander Technological Education of Thessaloniki)
0523A. Eleni Plemmenou - GREECE (Athens), Health Psychologist, MSc in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication (Universita Svizzera Italiana), BSc in Psychology (Hellenic American University)
A. Chrysi Malea - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (MD - NKUA)
A. Vasiliki Lazaridou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacist, BSc (AUTH)
A. Pelagia Giagkouli - GREECE (Thessaloniki), MD (AUTH) - Biology-Genetics, BSc (AUTH) - Pharmacology, MSc (AUTH)
A. Christina Sigala - GREECE (Athens), Public Health specialist, BSc (UNIWA)

0528A. Fotini Bolka - GREECE (Patras), Pharmacist, MSc (University of Patras)

0529A. Eleni Vasiliki Kyritsi - GREECE (Fokida), High school student (*)

0530A. Nikoletta Pavlopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc (NKUA)

0531A. Elpiniki Nikoletta Cheroubeim - GREECE (Athens), Medical Laboratory Scientist, BSc (UNIWA)

0532A. Christina Persefoni Sidera  - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse (Breast Nurse Specialist), BSc (University of Ioannina) - MSc in Surgical Oncology (NKUA)

0533A. Evanthia Doumpiotou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Assistant Physiotherapist 

0534A. Artemis Kosmatou - GREECE (Athens), Assistant ICU Nurse

0535A. Eleni Dandoumi - GREECE (Athens), Assistant Nurse

0536A. Aikaterini Tzoumaneka - GREECE (Athens), Assistant Nurse

0537A. Georgia Bakomitrou - GREECE (Athens), Assistant Nurse

0538A. Maria Kanaki - GREECE (Athens), Health Visitor, BSc in Public and Community Health (University of West Attica)

0539A. Georgia Maria Kefi - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Molecular Biologist, BSc in Biology (AUTH) - MSc in Precision Medicine: Translational Research and Therapeutics (AUTH)

0540A. Isidora Lyristi - GREECE (Rhodes), Biologist, BSc/Int.MSc in Biological Applications and Technology (University of Ioannina) - MSc(cand) "Programme Biomedical Sciences Track: Oncology" (University of Amsterdam)

0541A. Iason Konstantis - GREECE (Preveza), Pharmacist, BSc/Int.MSc (Deparment of Pharmacy, University of Patras)

0542A. Theodora Kotti - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BA in Psychology (EUC) - MSc in Health Psychology (UCL)

0543A. Nassima Kadri - MOROCCO (Safi),  MD, Radiation Oncology Resident (Faculté de médecine et de pharmacie, Morocco)

0544A. Hitesh Suthar - INDIA (Sumerpur), MD (University of Perpetual Help System Dalta)

0545A. Burhansyah Azhar - EGYPT (Cairo), Medical student (Cairo University)

0546A. Sushmethaa Vijayakumar Shanthi - INDIA (Chennai), Medical Student, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) (Madras Medical College)

0547A. Caterina Lecchi - ITALY (Treviso), Medical Student (University of Trieste)

0548A. Dimitrios Theodoropoulos - GREECE (Crete), Physics, BSc (University of Crete) - Radiographer (IEK SBIE) - MSc in Informatics (Hellenic Meditteranean University) - Ph.D. candidate in Medical School of University of Crete (Non Invasive Intracranial Pressure estimation from CT scans using Deep Learning)

0549A. Achsah Mabel Joanna - INDIA (Chennai), Medical Doctor (Davao Medical School Foundation) - BSc in Biology (San Pedro College)

0550A. Ahmed Nazar - IRAQ (Baghdad), Medical Student (Faculty of Medicine – University of Baghdad)

0551A. Kavya Kunduru - INDIA (Hyderabad), Medical Doctor, MD (American International Medical University, St. Lucia) - BSc in Biology (San Pedro College, Phillippines)

0552A. Manisha Purushotham - GERMANY (Aschaffenburg), Medical Student (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal)

0553A. Laila Kalan - UAE (Sharjah), Medical Doctor, MD (Medical University of Pleven, Bulgaria)

0554A. Nikoleta Kotsyfa - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc (University of Ioannina)

0555A. Dimitra Rafailia Bakaloudi - USA (Seattle, Washington), Medical Doctor (MD)  (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) - cMSc in Applied Nutrition and Health Promotion (Medical-Clinical Nutrition) - Postdoctoral Scholar (Division of Oncology, Department of Medicine, University of Washington)

0556A. Vasileios Karatzas - GREECE (Thessaloniki), BSc in Medicine (medical student) (University of Ioannina) - BSc in Business administration (University of Macedonia) - MSc in Healthcare management (University of Macedonia) 

0557A. Cinaria Albadri - IRELAND, Medical Student (Dnipro Medical Institute of Traditional and Non Traditional Medicine) - BSc Microbiology, MSc Biology/Zoology, MSc Molecular Medicine, PhD Animal Physiology

0558A. Alexandra Petsiava - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student, BSc/intMSc (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0559A. Maryam Shahbaz - PAKISTAN (Sargodha), Medical Student 

0560A. Saher Bhati - UAE (Sharjah), Medical Student (Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences)

0561A. Aamina Ibtisam - UAE  (Abu Dhabi), Medical Doctor (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn)

0562A. Christodoulos Theodoulou - CYPRUS (Paphos), Pharmacy Student (Cardiff University)

0563A. Jill Kar - INDIA, Medical Doctor (New Vision University)

0564A. Mohamed Ibrahiem Mohamed - EGYPT (Giza), Student (6th of October University)

0565A. Habarakada Henadeerage Manushee Kaushalya - SRI LANKA (Colombo), Medical Student (MBBS - Kursk State Medical University) - Diploma in Media and Communications (University of Colombo)

0566A. Dalia Dhia - IRAQ (Baghdad), Medical Student (Faculty of Medicine – University of Baghdad) 

0567A. Avani Thanki - UAE (Dubai), Medical Doctor (Tbilisi State Medical University)

0568A. Muhammad Anees Akram - PAKISTAN (Islamabad), Clinical Pharmacict, BSc - Public Health MSc (Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute)

0569A. Sneha Makkapati - INDIA (Chennai), Medical Doctor (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal)

0570A. Rahul (Yash) Pawate - POLAND (Poznan), Medical Student (Poznan University of Medical Sciences)

0571A. Christin Berjaoui - LEBANON (Haret Hreik), Medical Student (Beirut Arab University)

0572A. Faiza Mahmud - BANGLADESH (Dhaka), Medical Doctor (Dhaka Medical College)

0573A. Mohamed Khalil Rourou - ROMANIA (Iasi), Medical Student (Beirut Arab University)

0574A. Emmanuel Korir - KENYA (Nairobi), Medical Student (University of Nairobi)

0575A. Vagianni Solakidou - GREECE (Athens), Nurse Student (University of West Attica)

0576A. Wid Abdulsattar Abduljabar - RUSSIA (Nizhny Novgorod), Medical Student (Privolzhsky Research Medical University)

0577A. Antonia Pagkali - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor (European University Cyprus) - MS(c) in Clinical Trials (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0578A. Abdul Moiz Khan - PAKISTAN (Haripur), Medical Student (Ayub Medical College)

0579A. Apostolos Zotos - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacict, BSc/intMSc (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0580A. Alexandra Karagianni - GREECE (Athens), Chemical Engineering, Integrated Master (National Technical University of Athens) - PhD(c) Nanoscience


0582A. Asmaa Elashry Mohammed - EGYPT (Mansoura), Medical Student (Mansoura University)

0583A. Enas Ali Amaireh - JORDAN, Medical Student (Balqaa Applied University (BAU))

0584A. Paraskevi Stamatini - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc - Health Promotion & Education, MSc (NKUA)

0585A. Baiyan Rahman - CHINA (Jinzhou), Medical Student (Jinzhou Medical University)

0586A. Maria Papageorgopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Biologist, BSc (University of Sussex) - MSc in Genomic Medicine (QMUL)

0587A. ِAkram Hindi - PALESTINE (Ramallah), Medical Doctor (Al-Quds University)

0588A. Eftychia Kiousi - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0589A. Hiba Anwar - GEORGIA, Medical Student (New Vision University)

0590A. Niki Laskou - GREECE (Athens), Psychology Student (University of Nicosia)

0591A. Diana Bashashi - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Lebanese University)

0592A. Omar Al Khatib - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Lebanese University)

0593A. Nancy Zrara - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Lebanese University)

0594A. Hussein Abbas Fadhil - IRAQ (Baghdad), Medical Student (University of Baghdad/ Alkindy Medical College)

0595A. Debolina Pramanik - INDIA (Kolkata), Medical Doctor (University of Kolkata)

0596A. Nourhane Al Akoum - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Beirut Arab University)

0597A. Dima Nachaat Chahine - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Lebanese University)

0598A. Salwa H. Zeineddine - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (American University of Beirut (AUB))

0599A. Konstantinos Daniilidis - GREECE (Lamia), BSc in Biomedical Informatics, in branch of Bioinformatics, statistics and molecular biology (University of Thessaly)

0600A. Argyro Syrakouli - GREECE (Larissa), Medical Student (University of Thessaly)

0601A. Ansh Agarwal - UK (St Leonards on Sea), Medical Doctor, MSc Global Healthcare Management (Coventry University)

0602A. Sandra Thair Al-Aish - IRAQ (Baghdad), Medical Student (University of Baghdad)

0603A. Maria Zidrou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0604A. Myrsini Strati - GREECE (Patras), Medical Student (University of Patras)

0605A. Thenia Kotzanikolaou - GREECE (Drama), Psychologist, BSc (University of Sheffield) - MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy

0606A. Sarah AL-Nsour - JORDAN, Medical Student (Al Balqa'a Applied University)

0607A. Sofia Rozani - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0608A. Maria Kiousi - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, BSc/intMSc (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0609A. Almarwa Abdalaziz Osman Ahmed - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Doctor (Om Drman Islamic Unversity)

0610A. Ahmed Sermed Al-Sakini - IRAQ (Baghdad), Medical Student (University of Baghdad)

0611A. Sarah El Kassem - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Beirut Arab University)

0612A. Suhaib Hassan - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Practitioner (Al-mughtaribeen university, college of medicine)

0613A. Nour Tarchihi - LEBANON (Tripoli), Medical Student (Beirut Arab University)

0614A. Ioanna Sasilioglou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Bioinformatian - BSc Computer Science  & Biomedical Informatics (University of Thessaly)

0615A. Ahmad Bouhuwaish - LIBYA (Tobruk), Medical Doctor (Tobruk University)

0616A. Ibrahim Mhamdi - UKRAINE (Ternopil), Medical Student (Ternopil National Medical University)

0617A. Pheona Adella Mc Kenzie - Saint Kitts and Nevis (Basseterre), Medical Student (Jiangsu University)

0618A. Lujain Alameen - SAUDI ARABIA (Makkah), Medical Student (Omdurman Islamic University)

0619A. Mohammed Fathelrahman - SUDAN, Medical Student (University of Science and Technology)

0620A. Uila Laifa Lima - SAMOA (Apia), Medical Student (Oceania University of Medicine) - BNUR (National University of Samoa)

0621A. Mohamed basyouni helal - EGYPT, Medical Student (Menoufia Faculty of Medicine)

0622A. Fotios Mouroutsos - GREECE (Tripolis), Medical Student (University of Patras)

0623A. Farrukh Anwaar - PAKISTAN (Sahiwal), Medical Doctor (Nishtar Medical University Multan)

0624A. Vasiliki Papageorgiou-Anagnostou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor, MD (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0625A. Athina Koumantarou - GREECE (Athens), Biotechnologist MSc (Agricultural University of Athens)

0626A. Jameel Soqia - SYRIA (Damascus), Medical Student (Damascus University)

0627A. Panagiota Mpaka - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0628A. Eleni Michalatou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Laboratories Scientist, BSc (University of Thessaly)

0629A. Quinncy Lee - HONG KONG, BSc in Public Health, PGCert, MPH, MSc, MBA (MPH, University of Aberdeen)

0630A. Prinshu Gupta - INDIA (Ternopil), Medical Student (Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy)

0631A. Israt Jahan Juthi - BANGLADESH (Dhaka), Medical Student (Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College)

0632A. Jarjees Abduljabar - IRAQ (Duhok), Medical Student (University of Duhok)

0633A. Ekram Hasanin - LIBYA (Tripoli), Medical Student (University of Tripoli)

0634A. Hamitou Saadia Naila - ALGERIA (Algiers), Medical Student (University of Algiers)

0635A. Tinatin Kutkhukhidzei - GEORGIA (Tbilisi), Medical Doctor (David Tvildiani Medical University)

0636A. Fatima-zahra Aboumedian - MAROCCO (Rabat), Medical Student (Faculté de medecine et pharmacie de Rabat(

0637A. Rania Siddig Elhag Idriss - SUDAN (Khartoum), Medical Doctor (Alzeiam Alazahari University)

0638A. Georgia Angelopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0639A. Oxana Ahanov - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0640A. Despoina Vasiliki Psomadaki - GREECE (Athens), Psychology Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0641A. Mustafa abu al Samen - JORDAN, Medical Doctor (Jordan University of Science and Technology)

0642A. Ahmad Safa - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Lebanese University)

0643A. Nagham Ramadan - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Beirut Arab University)

0644A. Jamal Serhal - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student (Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth)

0645A. Sanobar Shariff - ARMENIA (Yerevan), Medical Student (Yerevan State Medical University)

0646A. Abdullah Abdullah - IRAQ (Baghdad), Medical Student (Al Mustansiriyah university college of medicine)

0647A. Alexandra Pliakopanou - GREECE (Ioannina), Medical Student (University of Ioannina)

0648A. Abdelmonem Siddiq - EGYPT (Mansoura), Clinical pharmacist, Bachelor of clinical pharmacy (BS Pharm) (Faculty of pharmacy, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt)

0649A. Victoria Zarrou - GREECE (Ioannina), Medical Student (University of Ioannina)

0650A. Mustafa Hilo - IRAQ, Pharmacist, MSc (University Al Manra)

0651A. Apo Youssef - LEBANON (Beirut), Medical Student - Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, BSc (University of Balamand)

0652A. Samir Ahmad Dit Al Hakim - POLAND (Poznan), Medical Student  (Poznan University of Medical Sciences) - BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences (University of Balamand, Lebanon)

0653A. Dharankumar Kumaravel - INDIA (Pattukkottai), Medical Doctor (Pondicherry University)

0654A. Dana Abu hanak - JORDAN (Amman), Medical Student (Al-balqaa Applied University)

0655A. Ahmad Abuaisheh - JORDAN (Amman), Medical Student (Al-balqaa Applied University)

0656A. ROA’A SAED MOHAMMAD THAHER - JORDAN (Amman), Medical Student (Al-balqaa Applied University)

0657A. Ghaidaa Khlaifat - JORDAN (Salt), Medical Student (Al-balqaa Applied University)

0658A. Belal Nawaf Ahmad Obeidat - JORDAN (Amman), Medical Student (Al-balqaa Applied University)

0659A. Seema Al-Shehab - JORDAN (Amman), Medical Student (Al-balqaa Applied University)

0660A. Alanood Elnaeem Hasab-alrasoul Mohamed  - UAE (Sharjah), Clinical pharmacist, MSc (University of Medical Science and Technology (UMST))

0661A. Aouatif Erasmia El Kanty - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0662A. ISIKO ISAAC - UGANDA (Kampala), Medical Doctor (Makerere University)

0663A. Assem Hussien Gebreal - EGYPT (Alexandria), Medical Student (Alexandria University)

0664A. Rohit Eldo Benjamin - SERBIA (Novi Sad), Medical Student (Novi Sad Medical Faculty)

0665A. Janet Ghattas - EGYPT (Alexandria), Medical Doctor (Alexandria University)

0666A. Naglaa Youssef, PhD - Associate Professor of Adult Nursing (Egypt, Cairo University )

0667A. Ibrahim Haruna Ibrahim - TAIWAN (Taichung), Medical Student (CMU) - MSc in Biomedical Sciences 

0668A. Mohd sani shuaibu - NIGERIA (Kano), Pharmacist, B.Pharm (Igbinidion University Okada)

0669A. Fatma Badreldine - EGYPT (Alexandria), Medical Doctor in Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology, PhD (Alexandria University)

0670A. Maria - Loukia Anastasiadou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (Comenius University)

0671A. Georgios Bekris - UK (London), Psychologist / Researcher (University College London - UCL)

0672A. Abubakar Saadu - NIGERIA (FCT, Abuja), Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, BSc  (Federal University Birnin Kebbi)

0673A. Mohammad Deameh - JORDAN (Amman), Medical Student (Al-balqaa Applied University)

0674A. Stefanos Klavdianos - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0675A. Lim Shu Wen - MALAYSIA (Cheras), Biotechnologist (UCSI University)

0676A. Kosmiria - Ioanna Paschopoulou - GREECE (Ioannina), Medical Student (University of Ioannina)

0677A. Eirini Moustaka - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0678A. Michaela-Eftychia Tsitlakidou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Biology Student (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0679A. Simela Kordiste - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacy Student (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0680A. Panagiota Vlachou - GREECE (Athens), MD, Pathology Resident (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0681A. Angeliki Papanikolaou - GREECE (Patras), Chemist, BSc (University of Ioannina) - MSc(c) in Cell and Gene Therapies and GMP (University of Patras  & University of West Attica)

0682A. Georgia Spanou - GREECE (Athens), RN, Registered Nurse (University of West Attica)

0683A. Theodora Stamatogiannopoulou - GREECE (Patras), Chemist, BSc, MSc (University of Patras)

0684A. Nickie - Evangelia Gouma - GREECE (Thessaloniki), BSc in Biology (UoC) - MSc in Genes, Drugs and Stem Cells-Novel Therapies, (ICL) - MD student in Veterinary Medicine (AUTh)

0685A. Aliki Karantinou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0686A. Penelope Nakou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Biomedical Sciences Student (University of Greenwich)

0687A. Foteini Sidiropoulou - GREECE (Xanthi), Radiographer

0688A. Eleni Iatrelli - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Biomedical Sciences Student (International Hellenic University)

0689A. Despoina Vavoula - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0690A. Aggeliki Papagianni - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0691A. Iouliani Bitsika - GREECE (Athens), Midwifery Student (University of Western Macedonia)

0692A. Ilias Velissariou - GREECE (Athens), Army Nurse Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0693A. Konstantinos Nitis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor (University of Medicine Iasi, Romania)

0694A. Iliana Aspioti - GREECE (Sparti), Psychologist (University of Ioannina)

0695A. Nikiforos Stamoulis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0696A. Kirykos Pliatsikas - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0697A. Eleni Georgia Nikopoulou - GREECE (Patras), Medical Student (University of Patras)

0698A. Vato Mamakou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (University of West Attica)

0699A. Abdulafeez KatibiAbdulkadir - KAZAKHSTAN (Nur-Sultan), MSc in Public Health (Nazarbayev University Nur-Sultan)

0700A. Katerina Boufidou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Biology Student (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0701A. Pinelopi Chatzimichalaki - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychology Student (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0702A. Eirini - Ioanna Sokoli - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0703A. Angeliki Glava - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacist, MSc (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0704A. Maria Taousani - GREECE (Serres), Biologist, BSc - MSc in Human Genetic (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0705A. Kalliope Altiparmaki - GREECE (Crete), Psychologist, BSc (University of Crete)

0706A. Maria - Artemis Polymeropoulou - GREECE (Athens), Maritime Student (University of Piraeus)

0707A. Maria Karadima - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc (Panteion University)

0708A. Vasiliki - Anastasia Katsigianni - GREECE (Pyrgos), Medical Doctor (University of Patras)

0709A. Christina Rapti - GREECE (Athens), Medical Laboratories Scientist, BSc (University of Thessaly)

0710A. Taxiarchoula Kozpi - GREECE (Athens), Biology Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0711A. Eleni Anastasia Liva - The Netherlands (Leiden), Psychologist, BSc (Panteion) - MSc (Universiteit Leiden)

0712A. Dimitrios Alefragkis - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse, BSc (University of West Attica) - MSc (NKUA)

0713A. Foteini Bolka - GREECE (Patras), Pharmacist, Int. MSc (University of Patras)

0714A. Chrysoula Kalantzi - GREECE (Athens), BSc in Biology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) - MSc in Biomedicine (Karolinska Institutet)

0715A. Ioannis Theodorou - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0716A. Chara Oikonomou - GREECE (Rhodes), Pharmacist, Int. MSc (Aristle University of Thessaloniki)

0717A. Elina Batsika - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc (University of Ioannina)

0718A. Athanasios Kourtsilidis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor, MD - MSc(c) in Oncology (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0719A. Irene Tsakmaki - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Dietitian, BSc (International Hellenic University)

0720A. Ellen Sideris - GREECE (Patras), Psychologist, BSc - MSc, Health Psychology (Cardiff Metropolitan University)

0721A. Vasiliki Georgakopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor, MD (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0722A. Persefoni Alexandra Savangliou - GREECE (Athens), BSc in Nursing (HTEIEMT/IHU) - MSc in I.C.U.-Cardiology, Medical and Nursing Care (NKUA)

0723A. Eleni Gerontidi - GREECE (Athens), Psychology Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0724A. Stefanos Kakavelakis - GREECE (Athens), Psychology Student (Panteion University)

0725A. Nektarios Meimetis - GREECE (Athens), Psychologist, BSc, MSc (Cardiff Metropolitan University)


0727A. Gerasimos Terzopoulos - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Medical Student (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) - Researcher

0728A. Christina Chrysoula Dreliozi - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0729A. Matoula Sarri - USA (Alabama), Preschool Teacher, BSc (University of Patras)

0730A. Panagiotis Petros Lialios - GREECE (Athens), Medical Doctor, MD (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0731A. Anastasia Kampouri - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse, BSc (University of West Attica)

0732A. Danai Papageorgiou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0733A. Anna Lagatoura - GREECE (Athens), Pharmacy Student (Università di Tor Vergata (Rome))

0734A. Marigo-Foteini Tzelepi - GREECE (Athens), Food Scientist, Dip. (IEK Sivitanidios)

0735A. Mairi Pepanian - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacist, Int. MSc (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

0736A. Anna Dindic- GREECE (Athens), Publich Health, BSc (University of West Attica)

0737A. Nikolaos Syrigos - USA (Boston), Medical Doctor, MD, PhD (National Kapodistrian University of Athens) - Resident & Researcher (Dana Farber Cancer Institute)

0738A. Maria Bourazani - GREECE (Athens), Registered Nurse, BSc, PhD (University of West Attica)

0739A. Sofia Despoina Leka - GREECE (Athens), High School Student (Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna)* (non scientific member)

0740A. Panagiota A. Michaelidou - GREECE (Athens), Theologian, BSc (NKUA) - Nursing Assistant - Relationship Blogger & Αuthor

0741A. Georgios Androulakis Manentis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)

0742A. Ameet Kumar - PAKISTAN (Karachi), Registered Nurse, BSc (LUHMS)

0743A. Mohamed Adhnan Thaha - UK (London), Colorectal Surgeon, MD, MBBS; MRCS; FRCS(Gen Surg); PhD; PGCert Hlt Econ.

0744A. JYOTI SOMABHAI PATEL - INDIA, Registered Nurse (Annamalai University) - MSc in Counseling and Spiritual health

0745A. Irfan Maqbool - PAKISTAN (Lahore), Psychologist, BSc - MSc(c) in Applied Psychology

0746A. Darine Taleb - LEBANON (Tyre), Medical Laboratory Scientist (University of Balamand)

0747A. NUSAIBAH ABDULHADI - TURKEY (Instabul), MSc of Molecular Biology and Genetics, sp. breast cancer targeting therapy (IZMIR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY)

0748A. Deepak Pandit - ARMENIA, Medical Student (Yerevan State Medical University)

0749A. Melpomeni Maria Keramida - GREECE (Thessaloniki), BSc Psychology, University of Sunderland (DEI college)
0750A. Antonia - Taxiarchoula Pavlaki - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
0751A. Panagiota Poziou - GREECE (Larissa), Medical Student (University of Thessaly)
0752A. Styliani Koronaiou - GREECE (Athens), BSc in Chemistry, MSc(c) in Clinical Biochemistry-Molecular Diagnostics (National and Kapodistrian University of Atnens)
0753A. Antigoni Karampali - GREECE (Ioannina), Mathematics student (University of Ioannina)
0754A. George Karamarias - GREECE (Larisa), Hematologist, MD, PhD, (Democritus University of Thrace, Medical School)
0755A. Lydia Tzouganaki - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student
 (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
0756A. Paraskevi Viktoria Zagla - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student
 (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
0757A. Efstathios Vlachos - GREECE (Athens), BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens / MSc in Molecular & Applied Physiology - Specialty: Therapeutic Exercise, Medical School of Athens

0758A. Fani-Christina Papacharalampous - BULGARIA (Sofia), Medical Student (Medical University of Sofia)
0759A. Nikolaos Tromaras - GREECE (Kastoria), student* 
0760A. Evanthia Kavidopoulou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
0761A. Mariangela Giannopoulou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
0762A. Eleftheria Papadopoulou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), MD, Resident in GYN/OB (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
0763A. Ioanna Zoi Spiliotakopoulou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student
0764A. Chrysa Koutsouroumpa - GREECE (Patras), Medical Student (University of Patras)
0765A. Christos Liachnis - GREECE (Arta), Registered Nurse, BSc - MSc Health/Healthcare Administration/Management (Greek Open University)
0766A. Anastasia Kotsironi - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Pharmacist, Int. MSc (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
0767A. Stavroula Kapeli - CYPRUS (Nicosia), Pharmacy Student 
0768A. Olga Michailidou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Physcholigist, BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology, University of Derby - MS(c) Applied Clinical Psychology and Counseling, University of Derby
0769A. George Tsoulphas - GREECE (Athens), Shipping student, NYC
0770A. Chrysovalantou Tsanti - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Cert. in Emergency Medical Services (IEK EKAB)
0771A. Mikaela Hadjiefthimiou - CYPRUS (Nicosia), Lawyer, Bachelor of Laws LLB, Master of Laws LLM, PhD candidate Law
0772A. Aikaterini Skandali - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
0773A. Natalia Sinou - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
0774A. Agapi Polymenidou - GREECE (Athens), Radiographer, BSc (University of West Attica)
0775A. Charalampos Charalampous - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
0776A. Fani Migka - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Registered Nurse (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
0777A. Leonidas Smigadis - GREECE (Athens), Medical Student (Università degli studi Tor Vergata)
0778A. Areti Spyrou - GREECE (Thessaloniki), Psychologist, BSc (University of Derby)
0779A. Gerasimos Augoustatos - GREECE (Ioannina), Physiotherapist, BSc (EUC)
0780A. Rallou Stamataki - GREECE (Athens), Graphic Designer (UAL)
0781A. Oxiris Yexalén García González - MEXICO (Zapopan), MD, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
0782A. Evelyn Salako - UK (Coventry), Laboratory Analyst, BSc - MSc in Biotechnology (Coventry University)
0783A. Dr Sharjeel Chaudhry - PAKISTAN (Kirachi), Oral Medicine (Dow University of Health Sciences)
0784A. Marlyn Susan George - ARMENIA (Yerevan), MD, (Yerevan State Medical University)
0785A. Mohamed Hisham - SUDAN (Khartoum), Pharmacist, Int. MSc (Faculty of Medicine, International University of Africa)
0786A. Viviana Cortiana - ITALY (Bologna), Medical Student (University of Bologna)

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